Adventures with The Old Man: The Old Man gets a Smart Phone

One of my rules about The Old Man living by himself is that he has to answer the phone when I call. If he doesn’t answer by the 4th call, then he knows I will call the police to go check on him.  I know that seems strange but The Old Man has requested to keep some of his freedom and live alone for a couple more years. Being that he is an amputee and very close to 70 it is real that he could fall or be hurt in there and so he has to keep the phone with him at all times.

So, yesterday we had an issue. I called literally all day and didn’t get an answer. So of course I was worried.  He mentioned the other day that his cell phone wasn’t picking up all phone calls and for some reason he could see the call and not answer.  So instead of calling the police I called one of his neighbors and asked if he could go check on The Old Man and tell him that I was on the way.

I jumped on the highway and rolled on down to his town.  Pulled up at his house walked in and he was chilling and “unbothered”.  Me: “I have called you probably 25 times today, where is your cell phone?” He hands it to me all nonchalant.  I looked at it and it said “searching”, I turned it off and back on and it was working again. I asked if he noticed that he hadn’t gotten any phone calls all day. He was like , “Well I wondered why you didn’t call me.” I laughed and said we need to get to the phone store so we can get you a new phone.

So he walks out to the car and we ride to the nearest phone store.  He has been talking about an iPhone for the longest time and I mentioned he may want to start with something else. So in the store he managed to pick a nice Samsung phone.

The representatives at the store were great and very attentive to his questions.  They even did a special tutorial just for him.  Before we left they gave him their cell phone numbers in case he has any questions and setup his phone just the way he wanted.  I couldn’t have been more proud of the T-mobile staff that assisted him in the store. It warmed my heart at how attentive to his needs they were.

Now he is super excited that he has a new phone even if he doesn’t quite know how to use it yet. I told him with practice he will be doing everything. Even taking “selfies”. He laughed and said now he has a new toy to play with and get used to.

It was definitely a blessing to be able to get to his home and know that nothing was wrong and to be able to help him get a new cell phone.  I am sure that this story will continue on. I will share any updates.


Tmobile reps giving a lesson to the Old Man



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