Why Community Service???

This is a question I get asked often and it blows me away. I usually respond with “Why Not?”.

Growing up I was taught that serving in your community is a wonderful thing. You can learn a lot by just giving some time to help out someone in need.

I do get people that support the movement, but I also get negative comments as well. I always found that shocking. I used to take the time to step out of myself and try to understand why they think the way that they do. After the first few times of hearing negative comments about serving, I stopped trying to understand and just decided everyone doesn’t think like I do, so just keep on doing what you do.

When think of community service ideas, it’s simply me carrying out a random idea that I have, (that may come to me in my sleep or throughout the day) making a plan, and executing the plan.

I never realized that others would even want to help. I literally am humbled every time someone says that they believe in my vision for serving the community and wants to participate.

My largest initiative at this time is reaching out and feeding the homeless/hungry, I have been doing this for years. I started out assisting and then I realized I could lead a project, so I did. My first project that I lead was 2 years ago, and that was just the beginning.

I believe that food really helps get you through the day, more than we realize. It affects your cognitive ability (thinking ability), it keeps you going, and a good meal can help change your day. So I try to provide good quality meals to the masses when possible.

I have been blessed to serve an average of 200 people every time I do a major project/event. My goal is still to reach 250 at one time though.

My smaller winter initiative that I started in 2018 was “Blankets and Blessing Bags”. I came up with a list of items that I thought a person in need could use and with a team we put the bags together and went out in the community to pass them out. Last year we reached 70 people and I hope to reach at least 100 this winter. It was an awesome community experience.

The last reason that I like to do community service is, it allows you to network. When I setup these projects/initiatives it is nice to see different people come together. It builds a community that by volunteering together creates a team for the day and some people build bonds that continue on.

So, why community service? I believe it helps to build a community network that will continue to help uplift the community in all different ways. ūüôā

Oh yeah, I started a non profit organization MISSTAKENID GIVES BACK FOUNDATION (mgbfoundation) If you wish to learn more about my initiatives please visit :

or follow @mgbfoundation on Instagram

**note I am still working on the website at this time, but there is information on the page regarding the 501c3 fundraiser so that we can achieve 501c3 status and are able to help a larger audience**

My Words For 2019 !

This year I decided to try something new and think of some words that I will apply to my life. These are the words that I came up with. 







(Note: I wanted to post this earlier but this new puppy parent life….whew, that will come in a later blog post)

When you hear each of these words, what do you think of?

For me I think each one will allow me to make some necessary changes in my life this year.

  1. CONSISTENCY: This is an important word for me, sometimes I start things and don’t see them all the way through, however this year I want to work on being more consistent in all things that I do.
  2. VALUE: I learned a lot about value over the past year. One thing is for sure value is very important to me, whether it is adding value to a situation or recognizing that you are not being valued. My key point for this word is to notice the value that I am adding to situations and to take note on if I am in turn being valued. This can apply to all sorts of things.
  3. DISCIPLINE: This is a key word for me. In the past few years I have been a little reckless, especially when it comes to eating and not working out. I am not saying that I am going on a strict diet or doing the “new year workout” routine (no knocking anyone that does) , but just working on making some simple changes in my life that help me get to the next level. This also applies to spending, saving, and personal growth.
  4. CONNECTIONS: One thing is for sure, I am a friendly person and I tend to meet people all over the place. I am working on connecting with people this year and growing new potential friendships/associateships (not a word, I know).
  5. GROWTH: In 2019 focusing on growth is important. I want to be the best me that I can be, so growth is an important part of this. I have noticed a change in my life in the past year and I realize that I am no longer the same person, but one that is constantly growing.
  6. MANIFESTING: To be honest, this wasn’t one of my original words, however one of my friends made a key point. Work on manifesting what you want to have/do in the future and utilize all of these other words to help you get there.

Well, that about sums up my words for 2019. Do you have any???? Share with me.

Cooking with Misstakenid: Quick Red Beans and Rice

I have been making my quick red beans and rice as a staple over the past couple of weeks so I decided to share with you. First let me say that this can be made with white or brown rice.¬† Also if you don’t like any of the ingredients you can make it without them, just use your seasoning to make it taste the way you want it to.

What you need(quick recipe):

1 can red beans

Rice or Brown Rice (your choice)

Onions (I use a sweet onion)

Turkey sausage/turkey bacon (can be made without meat or with pork products)




Cajun Seasoning (I used Mad Chef’s Cajun Nola) ( You can find it here:

Garlic seasoning (Mad Chef’s Smoked Garlic and Herb Seasoning)

Make the rice first. Use one cup of rice to two cups of water bring to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes. (If you want you can use boil in bag rice)

  1. Start with melting butter in a skillet (or you can use olive oil)

  2. Chop the sausage or bacon

  3. Chop the onions

  4. Sautee’ onions in the skillet until tender

  5. Add the sausage or bacon to skillet

  6. Add rice to skillet

  7. Stir to combine ingredients

  8. Next open the can of Red Beans, drain.

  9. Then add the red beans to the skillet.

  10. Season to taste.

Serve and enjoy.


In case you missed it in the post you can find  the seasoning I used at this site:


Unscripted Durham’s Impossible Burger Review

I love a good burger. Well, let me say that I love a good burger that I can eat. I am unable to eat beef or pork so my burger choices are sometimes limited. However, I heard about the Impossible Burger in all of its plant based glory and I knew that I wanted to try it.

I couldn’t think of a better place than one of my favorite rooftop hangout spots in Durham, NC, the Unscripted Patio.

The menu highlights the burger at $10 it comes with vegan mayonaise, avocado, tomatoes, vegan cheese, on a bun.

I heard about this burger, so I wanted to try it for myself. I must say to be a plant based burger this was one of the meatiest plant based burgers I have ever tasted. It was very close to tasting like actual meat. Thick and filling.

It may be a little to “meaty” for some vegetarians, however for someone that just wants to go meatless for a thick and filling burger I give it 2 thumbs up.¬†IMG_20180910_134645_959




I had a chance to visit Miami Beach over Labor Day weekend and stayed at the lovely Confidante Hotel. The onsite restaurant is called Bird & Bone and it’s claim to fame is having the best chicken in Miami.

I must admit I was a little skeptical as I am from the south and I have tasted some pretty good fried chicken in my life, but this chicken actually lived up to the hype.

For a $28 price tag on the menu it is listed as Chef Hales Hot Chicken: Florida Honey, House Mustard, Cucumber Pickle, w/ Zak the Baker Country Bread.  This meal only comes in one size, which turns out to be a half chicken.

I ordered this famous dish on a fairly busy restaurant night, but the chicken did not disappoint me at all. It was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside as if it had been fried to perfection. The mustard sauce bread and cucumbers add to the deliciousness of the dish and do not take away from the star, which is the chicken.

I will be honest I had been in South Beach all day enjoying my fair share of delicious beverages for the majority of the day and I knew that this was going to be my dinner. I took it to my room and sat down and indulged. You will want to eat the whole half of a chicken in one setting if you can. LOL.

You have to try it! I give Chef Hales’ hot chicken 2 thumbs up!!!

(I would like to note that the restaurant had no idea that I would be reviewing this meal)


The Old Man Turns 71!!!

Birthdays are special.

When the Old Man reaches another birthday it’s always the¬†“whatever you want”


This time was no different. This year we went to lunch. I chose lunch because I knew that he would want to go right to sleep after walking and eating.  

A couple of days before his birthday I asked what meal he would like.¬† He replied “ox tails”.¬† I¬†thought of the options to sit down and eat ox tails in my town and I could only think of a few.¬†¬†

I called The Palace International Restaurant on Broad Street in Durham, NC and they were able to comply with my request to serve oxtails for lunch. Now that the easy part was out of the way, I said “you will have your ox tails” . He was overjoyed.¬†¬†

Found some mini loaf cakes at The Kupcake Fairy on Chapel Hill Road in Morrisville so he could have a little birthday cake too. 

One thing that I have realized about watching my Dad age is that simple things are the key to happiness. All he wanted for his birthday was to eat oxtails have a double rum and coke, get out of the house and laugh a little. That is exactly what we did. 

Let setup part of the day for you. I called him in the morning so that he would know what time I was coming to pick him up, this was how the convo went: 

Old Man:Today I am wearing a tshirt and shorts.

Me: Ok, if that is what we are doing I will wear something similar. 

Old Man: Yep, it is all about comfort, today is my day. 

Me: U are right. See you in a little while. 

I  pick him up and he is ready.  We have a birthday song walk jam session on the way to the car. We sing along to Old school jams on the ride. Drive through 2 mini downpours and make it to the restaurant right on time. 

Some friends and family arrive and we laugh and talk. Order some great meals and talk some more. 

Surprisingly he ate his entire plate of food and even started eating the cake .That was a great sight to see! 

We ride back to his house drive back through some rainstorms and get him home during some light drizzle. 

The best part of the day was taking him home and him saying, 

“I had a great day, it was off the hook!”¬†¬†

Now we are on the road to 72. Look out now.

(If this is your first time reading then I should let you know, “Old Man” is an affectionate term for my Dad. Just in case you were wondering)


mini cake action

Oxtails with rice and collard greens.

Me and The Old Man!


What’s in your snack pack?

One thing I have realized over the years is that when planning road trips I get the most enjoyment out of preparing a snack pack.

What is a snack pack? (You might ask) 

I define a snack pack as whatever snacks and drinks that you enjoy or will enjoy while riding in the car on a road trip, sitting on the beach, or in your hotel room when you arrive at your hotel.

Who inspired your snack pack? 

Many people ask where I got the idea for my snack packs and it came from My Aunt Sister. I heard a story about her going on one of her famous “casino bus trips” and one person that went on the trip spoke of this “cooler” that she carried with her.¬† He said she had the entire cooler full of sandwich meats, bread, sodas, snacks and whatever other food she wanted while she was traveling. He then mentioned that thanks to her cooler they managed to save money on food and with their excess money they were able to play some more games at the casino. After I heard this story, I asked my Aunt Sister about this special cooler that she had and she mentioned on every trip she went on, she took the cooler.

After hearing the story, I kept it in the back of my mind and once I started going on trips as an adult I started working on items that should go in my snack packs. Each one was different and catered to what I wanted for that particular trip.

The snack pack images featured below are from a recent beach trip.  (Items include: paper towels, napkins, plates, cups, a shaker, tequila, whiskey, margarita mix, hard cider, water, pineapple juice, ginger ale, cheese, mandarin oranges, triscuits, hummus, tortilla chips, turkey pepperoni, salsa, gummy bears, snickers bites, turkey sandwiches, and a few other things not pictured.)

What’s in your snack pack?

Let me know what you include in your travel snack packs.



***This post is dedicated to the memory of My Late Aunt Sister. After writing this post via pen, she passed away. I will always be grateful of the times we shared and the inspiration to my snack packs. RIP Aunt Sister  ***

Product/Service Reviews by Misstakenid

I am always recommending products and services to my friends, so why not start an official product review segment to my blog. This way I can share not only with my friends but share with my readers and social media followers as well.

If you would like me to review a product/service with my readers and social media followers please send me an email at


My Easy Lobster


Often times people ask me how I make my steamed/boiled lobster. I always tell them that it is an easy process and everyone always looks at me a little blown away. I say it only takes 20 minutes or less depending on the size of the lobster and they always say,¬† “Tell me how?”.¬† So here goes.

Things needed: 

1 live lobster

1/4 teaspoon Old bay seasoning

1 tablespoon Butter

1/4-1/2 Lemon

1/8 teaspoon Chef Gone Mad Smoked Garlic & Herb Seasoning

Adobo Seasoning ( 2 shakes)

Water (2-3 inches deep in the pot)

Steamer or Large Pot

The most fun part of making lobster for me is going to the market and picking a live one out of the tank.  I always go for the fiesty one or the one that is fighting everyone.

I feel like the more fiesty the lobster, the better they will taste. (Just my theory) 

Once I pick the lobster they box it up and I take it in the car for a ride home.¬† ¬†Most times you will hear the lobster making some type of noise in the box (either moving around or “blowing bubbles”), there is nothing alarming about this.

Once I get it home I get out my big pot.

I put about 3 inches of water in it and put it on the stove to boil. I sprinkle about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of Old Bay seasoning. 1/8 teaspoon of Chef Gone Mad Garlic & Herb Seasoning and about 2 shakes of the Adobo seasoning into the water. I cut the lemon in quarters and add to the water.

Once the water is boiling I add the live lobster head first and then cover.

I let the lobster boil on high heat for about 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the lobster. Once it turns bright red I know that it is done.

I before I take the lobster out of the pot I sprinkle just a bit more Old Bay Seasoning over the top of the lobster.

Take it out of the pot, plate and serve. 

There you have it my simple lobster!

Seasonings: Butter (Not Shown), Old Bay Seasoning, Lemon, Chef Gone Mad Garlic & Herb Seasoning, Goya Adobo.

Once you add the seasonings to the water in the pot and get it ready to boil. 

Live Lobster

Live Lobster

All Done!

My Easy Lobster. All Done!

I should record myself doing this one day, it would be fun.  The most dramatic part for me is taking the live lobster from the box to the pot.


My Trip to Cancun, Mexico: My Top 5 Recommendations for fun.

Hello friends,

This year I had the pleasure of going to Cancun, Mexico in early February and it was¬†¬†experience. I enjoyed it so much that I can’t wait to go back. So here are a couple of things that I recommend you do if you get a chance to visit.

  1. All-Inclusive Resort

    I had a chance to stay at the Oasis Palm which is a family resort, but the all-inclusive was definitely worth it. The layout of the resort is great and had some great views from the room.¬† I think that all inclusive is one of the best ideas ever. Drinks and food all day with no strings attached, I definitely recommend. It can become a little overwhelming, but if you pace yourself you will enjoy every bit of it. ¬†All inclusive is an adventure. Here are some highlights from that.¬† I am not big on buffets, but for breakfast they had an omelet, fresh fruit bar, and quesadilla station, so that was all I needed. There were many more options available in buffet style, but I just wasn’t interested, but a lot of people seemed to be enjoying it. For lunch I found a restaurant that I loved on the property Los Agaves. They served fajitas. I ate them everyday for lunch until my heart was content or they ran out of chicken lol. For dinner there were other buffet options, but the best for the all inclusive was Los Agaves.¬† For dinner you had to have a reservation and the menu was very different from lunch. A meal with an appetizer, entr√©e, dessert, and after dinner drinks was definitely a highlight.


  2. Casitas at the Ritz Carlton 

    Ok, first let me say this. If you like the beach and good food, you should definitely go here.¬† They set up a casita, it’s like a cabana on the beach, with decor and lighting. The restaurant is in the back of the Ritz Carlton and there is a walkway with little lights that has been placed on the beach. A waiter walks you to your private casita and you hear and see the ocean waves and from the terrace of the restaurant behind you there is a jazz musician playing. This is a very relaxing and lovely space. They have a couple different menus, including one specifically for vegetarians. The meal started with a drink, so of course I ordered a margarita. It was heavenly. Next, I decided on my entr√©e which was a grilled piece of Tican Xic, a local fish to the area. Let me tell you, the fish was grilled to perfection and was very “meaty” but good. I also ordered saut√©ed vegetables and sweet potato fries as sides, but they were huge enough for an entree. The food was amazing. After eating the server made up a beach bed and said since I paid for the whole night, I could relax and listen to the waves. It was so peaceful out there I ended up falling asleep right on the beach. I did wake up in time to leave and go back to the hotel. For about $115 they do the setup and then you order your food on top of that. You have to pay in mexican pesos or by credit card, so I opted for pesos just because. This was a great experience and one that I won’t forget.

  3. Steve’s Boobs Cruise

    Ok, so this is an adults only catamaran adventure. However, it was so much fun that I can barely articulate into words, just how much fun it is.¬† It’s a great experience, all you can drink while sailing in a large catamaran across some of the “bluest” water you have ever seen. There is a dj on the boat and plenty of adult fun, complete with snorkeling and swimming in the ocean.¬† It’s not just for anybody, but if you want to have some fun outside of the norm, this is definitely the boat for you. We passed by a lot of other catamarans as we sailed to Isle Mujeres for lunch and they all wanted to get on the boat we were on.¬† The lunch was pretty good, it was a buffet style as well and then there was time to hang out on the beach, oh yeah on the island the open bar continues. I just wanted water though lol. I want to note that this cruise is NOT FOR EVERYBODY! It is for those that want to have fun, like to drink and are just enjoying life. One of the great things about the cruise is that there is a fundraiser for cancer awareness and highlighted any breast cancer survivors. That was beautiful. I will be honest, I used to think I could dance and drink, but this boat put me to the test, drinks constantly flowing, shots being poured, it’s like 80+ degrees outside and the boat is rocking across the water.¬† When the boat docked, I felt like I had been to a homecoming weekend and played all of the drinking games lol. So, I crashed when I got back to the hotel, almost missed dinner lol.¬† (Oh, yeah most important if you don’t like Boobs ,this is not the boat for you.)¬† If you determine that this is not for you there are plenty of “booze cruises” that you can go on that are cheaper, so you may like that. Boobs cruise runs about $108 (US dollars) more if you use a credit card. Other cruises are about $50 or $60 per person.

  4. La Vaquita

    “The little cow”, this club rocks. It’s the only club in Cancun that plays hip hop and r&b. I know you are probably wondering why I would go to another country for this. Well, I wanted to go out to a place that I knew I would enjoy. So, at this club, Open bar is a big thing. The first drink was a “Big Gulp” size, giant slurpee size cup.¬† However, since it is open bar, you can get as many drinks and shots as you want, but the bar will always win. (Remember that) The music was cool, it felt like I was at a hip hop club in the states and they played videos, had a dance contest, confetti flowing from the ceiling, at one point they were giving out balloons to everyone. It was just an all around carefree time. I definitely recommend this club as well. I think open bar was about $35 (US dollars) and that included admission to the club, so you just walked right in and didn’t have to wait in a line.

  5. Performances on the Beach

    If you can catch a performance on the beach, I suggest you pull up a beach chair and enjoy it. While out walking to the beach bar I noticed a light on the beach, then I heard music. I heard the sound of a djembe. ( I have spent a lot of time listening to drums in my life and that sound is distinct) So immediately I was drawn to the beach like a moth to flame. I had to see what was going on and to my surprise there was a performace of dancers with fire performing to a rhythm I knew all too well. This made me feel great. Hearing african drums being played and the dancers dancing to a Guinean rhythm Sinte made me realize how much of an impact african influence has made all over. It was a beautiful feeling. The best part of watching a great performance on the beach is that it was FREE, can’t beat that price.





    Fire dancers
  6. These are my top five things to consider trying out when you visit Cancun. I know that some may not be for everyone, but I enjoyed every bit of my trip and am already trying to figure out when I can return.