Miss Independent

“You are too independent”, I have heard this hundreds, possibly thousands of times.  Nope that is not an exaggeration.  My response, “Is that a bad thing???” Then it makes me think, well if everyone notes my independence, the next thing they say is, “You probably scare guys off”, Me: (sigh)  I always wonder when being independent became a death sentence lol.

Independence is something that I learned from my Mommy ( May she RIP) . She taught me many things  growing up.  The number one thing that she taught me was that as a woman you can do whatever you put your mind to and you shouldn’t have to wait on anyone to help you do it.  Whether, it was go to school, own a business, whatever. After hearing it over and over again, I started to wonder if maybe people are right, and I am just too independent.

Then I think, why should I let their beliefs consume my thoughts?  I think that in today’s world you need a woman that knows how to do things.  Our world is changing and evolving everyday.  I run into more and more independent women.  There are certain times when I would like to depend on someone else such as:

  1. When something needs to be fixed: I have no desire to fix things.
  2. Bringing the groceries in the house: I hate bringing in groceries, I am one of those people that will take all 10 bags in one trip if I can, just to prevent going back to the car.
  3. When I need help with anything: I have found that sometimes it is hard to ask others for help, because at times they are unreliable.  So I end up doing things myself.

However, Last year t found out that I couldn’t do everything myself and had to depend on others. (That story is featured in another blog post) This was a great lesson to learn and now I know that I don’t have to do every single thing myself, but I guess it only showed during harder times.  I am back to my friends telling me that I am “Miss Independent”, and you know what. I can live with that…LOL.

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