The Old Man Turns 71!!!

Birthdays are special. When the Old Man reaches another birthday it’s always the “whatever you want” approach. This time was no different. This year we went to lunch. I chose lunch because I knew that he would want to go right to sleep after walking and eating.   A couple of days before his birthday I asked what meal he would like.  He replied “ox tails”.  I thought … Continue reading The Old Man Turns 71!!!

VA Chronicles with The Old Man: Part II

Check out VA Chronicles with the Old Man part one for the beginning of the story.  I will start exactly where I left off. We got the call that said The Old Man ( affectionate term for My Father) needed to come in and they may take him in through the emergency room.  So we get checked into the clinic area and are waiting for … Continue reading VA Chronicles with The Old Man: Part II