2018…Live Your Best F*cking Life !!!

Hello friends, we are now in the year 2018! Which is a New Year and already hearing the “New Year…New Me…Blah…Blah…Blah” I have nothing against the people who say these things or have new years resolutions.  Hey it’s your life, do whatever makes you happy.

However, when it comes to me this year I have no New Year’s resolutions. In past years I would set a resolution and by week 4 into the New Year I would have already broken it. So this year I decided to just say “NO” to new year’s resolutions.

However, I am going to live by my new Mantra (Excuse the language)


So, you may not what this means for you, but for me it means to do whatever I want, however I want, and whenever I want. So, maybe this will inspire you to do the same.  These are a couple of things that I plan to do to help me with living my best life.

  • Excercise– In past years, I have been making exercise a burden and been boycotting it, but this year I have decided whenever I feel the urge, to just do it. If I am sitting at my desk at work and decide that I need to do some squats or take a walk, I am just going to do it.  I know I can stand to lose some pounds and even if it is sporadic, it may lead to some consistency, but with no pressure. 🙂

workout when I want

  • Travel– Pick a place and just go. I started doing this last year and I ended up on my first ever solo trip to Puerto Rico (see previous blog story) . I had a blast. So I definitely intend to see more of the world and stop procrastinating on trips. So, I will try out some new places this year too.

beach random

  • Wear Makeup– I like wearing makeup every once in a while. Sometimes you get the naysayers “you don’t need makeup”, well guess what, I like it, so your opinion no longer matters. It’s not going to be everyday, but whenever I feel like it. If I am in the mood to be “beat to the gods” then I will enjoy every bit of it! Until it’s time to take it off lol.


  • Dance Like No one is watching– This probably sounds pretty cliché. I love music, all kinds of music.  So at times I suppress my want to dance because of whatever reason. Well guess what? This stops too. I will dance whenever and however I feel like dancing at anytime.


  • Eat, Drink, and Be Merry– I definitely don’t miss meals and I love food.  However, I have deprived myself from eating at certain places, because I had them on my “date/boyfriend list”. Well the only person suffering from not going to some of these delicious places is ME. No more. You will catch me out at all kinds of restaurants this year solo or with friends. Eating and drinking until my heart is content. 🙂


  • Self Care– Taking time out for just me every once in a while. Whether that is sitting at home listening to music, going to a concert, getting a mani/pedi or twiddling my thumbs. Whatever allows me some time to focus on me. Also, not doing anything that I don’t want to do. This is important because you can’t be your best you without recognizing things that you don’t want to do vs. things that you do want to do.

self care

These are just a few things to help me get to where I feel like I will be Living My BEST F*CKING LIFE. However, I also want to add that I will be living my life unapologetically. Meaning I don’t care as much about what other’s think about me and what I do. I am doing this for ME!  ( I do have to add that living my best life will include spending time with friends, family, and those I love as well, because they have helped mold and shape me.)

What are things that would help you, live YOUR BEST LIFE ? 

Share in the comments, your  “Living your Best Life List”. I can’t wait to read them.

SN: I also created some apparel and mugs to reflect this year’s mantra .  So if you like it, click the link below and order yours today. My Thoughts in apparel/mug/bag form. 😉

Apparel Items



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