Beat the heat with Mixx Ice Cream in Brier Creek

The temperature outside today was probably close to 90 degrees.  It was super hot. So I decided to take my little cousin over to Mixx ice cream in Brier Creek, so we could try it out.  To my surprise it was very delicious.

We walked in and observed all of the flavors and were greeted by a very kind employee. He asked if we wanted to sample any of the many flavors that they had. Of course as I was looking over at the flavors I was thinking that this place looks vaguely familiar and the flavor choices looked familiar to me too.  It reminded me of another ice cream place, which was great.  Once I saw the layout and the fact that you can “mixx in ” other ingredients to your ice cream made my day.

I sampled some chocolate, coffee, and cheesecake ice cream.  They were all very delicious. The one thing that I especially liked was that on the label for each flavor it noted if it had milk, eggs, or soy. Which I really like just in case people have food allergies. So that special attention definitely made me happy.

I settled on some chocolate and coffee ice cream with some caramel and pecans “mixxed in”.  IT was a very delicious scoop of ice cream.  My little cousin got strawberry ice cream and some sorbet mixxed with gummy bears.  She thoroughly enjoyed hers as well.

If you ever in the Brier Creek area of Raleigh, check them out. I definitely recommend their ice cream.

Strawberry and Raspberry sorbet with gummy bears mixed in
Mixx Ice cream
Lots of flavors

They are right next to the movie theater and accross from greek fiesta and the popular gigi’s cupcakes.

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