Cooking with Misstakenid

This is a segment that I have been thinking about for a while.  So I decided to go ahead and get it started.

You will never hear me say in a statement “I can cook!”.  I just say that I put things together well.  This comes from me thinking about the way people talked about my Mommy’s meals.  People would always say “Your Mom can cook!”, with such enthusiasm and even to the point where they would ask her for meals for holiday gifts.  So, I don’t ever say that I can cook, because I believe that would be a comparison to her greatness and I am my own person.

How did I learn how to cook?

I am usually amazed at how my food turns out, because at times I take risks on food in my opinion and put things together that sometimes wouldn’t be paired. Some people learn to cook from being in the kitchen with their Mom, and I didn’t ever want to be in the kitchen watching, I would be watching tv, reading a book or doing anything else other than sitting in the kitchen with my Mommy.  So often times she would say , “You aren’t going to know how to cook” , “You are going to have a chef, when you grow up”. I used to hear her say it and laugh with her saying, you are right.  I probably won’t cook when I grow up.

Little did she know that I am an auditory learner and so I listened to her make every meal. I heard her talk to herself as she talked about how much seasoning to put into something, how long it took certain things to cook, and how to make sure something was done and those things stuck with me.

I only remember making her one meal.  I am sure that I helped with others but this one specifically stands out in my memory.  She wasn’t feeling good one day and she asked me to make some pork chops. (I know what some of you are thinking, I don’t eat pork now as an adult.  I actually have developed a food intolerance to it, but that came later in life.)

So she sat in the kitchen and talked me through how to fry her some pork chops for dinner.  I will never forget how she told me each step and as she sat at the table she laughed and was telling me how to make sure that they were right.  This memory I cherish because when I finished they were fried golden brown and were seasoned to perfection.  She said in adoration with her unmatched laughter, “These are good, they might taste better than mine”. This moment was one of the better memories of my childhood as I was able to show her that maybe I could make something that met her approval in the kitchen.

My Mommy passed away when I was 15, so even at that time I wasn’t trying to make any real meals, but was making some simple things from memory.  I also called myself practicing for one day when I would have a family. So some things I would stand at the kitchen and make over and over to make sure that I would have some idea of how to make them.

Fast forward to my adult life.  I didn’t do a whole lot of cooking in college. I made really simple meals, but I found out that certain things I could just make from memory.  If I didn’t have any idea of how to make something I would just make it up myself.  For reference, I kept Mommy’s old school Betty Crocker Cookbook and Better Homes and Garden’s cookbook, she made little notes in them.

However, now I just “wing it”, if I think of something. I figure out how I want it to taste along the way.  I look at certain spices and seasonings as staples in my kitchen.

How does the magic happen?

I tend to get started with some fresh ingredients, my pink apron, and some good music.  This makes cooking fun.  I also find it comforting and little spiritual.  At times when I am cooking I like to think that my Mommy comes to visit and we are having a party in the kitchen.  Sometimes it makes me so emotional and the food usually turns out amazing.  The amazing, is only partially my belief.  The people who have been here to eat with me usually think the same thing. I feel like my cooking is a blessing and I hold it dear to my heart.

With this little brief history on my cooking I hope that you enjoy this segment of my Blog called Cooking with Misstakenid. It will feature recipes that I enjoy cooking and some drinks that I enjoy making.  Just a little glimpse into my world.

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