Crushing: To approach or not to approach, that is the question…LOL

Over the past week I watched all kinds of romantic comedies, and happened to  listen to the song Crush-Yuna feat. Usher. I love this song by the way.  It really makes you think of how a crush actually makes you feel.

Think about it.  When you are first crushing on a guy, the idea of your crush can make you smile, laugh, blush, or even make you feel a little giddy.

So what determines if you decide to act on a crush or not?

Acting on a crush can go good or bad.

Let’s start with an example of bad….

I recently saw a video that highlighted a girl getting ready to approach her crush.  She had been seeing him around many different places she went.  Saw him look at her every once in a while and they would just smile at each other and keep going on about their days.  One day she finally got the courage to walk up to him  and approach him.   She realizes that he was looking at her too, however for different reasons.  He wanted to know what kind of makeup she was using and where she shopped.  Now for her this was very discouraging because she finally worked up the courage to talk to a guy that she had been crushing on from afar and it turns out that he wasn’t actually attracted to her in the same way.   For some that could be disappointing , but it could also lead to a great friendship.

Acting on a crush can go really well also…

I know someone that would look at this guy across the room everywhere she went.  They would lock eyes and even maybe share a smile.  They did this for months, after a while they finally started speaking to each other when they saw each other.  Everytime, we would see this guy out, she would say, “there is my crush”.  I figured eventually they would speak.  This day in particular it happened.  She walked up and introduced herself.  He was just as delighted as she was to finally talk to her.  Fast forward, they are now married.  So acting on a crush can go in a positive direction.

I have decided some people are supposed to remain crushes. If you don’t act on the rush, then you can keep the feeling of the unknown. I think I like that feeling.  It’s like a transformation to a happy place and without acting on a crush it can keep them in a happy place in your mind.  I am sure that some people think that there is no point in keeping people in the “crush space”, but I think that it can be a good thing.  There is no disappointment, you may not always feel the same, but if the crush passes, then maybe you didn’t really like the person to begin with. LOL.

Just my two cents…(this is my public diary

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