Welcome to the world of Misstakenid

This will be my public diary. I have spent years wanting to share my thoughts with the world, however I always felt like maybe no one cares or my writing isn’t good enough.  Well, I have decided that this year and hopefully in the years to come I can share things in my life that may inspire others.  Sometimes you never know what your story can do to help another person. So in this blog I will share my stories with you.  No matter how outlandish they may seem from time to time, they will all be true accounts from my life.   I have so many things that I want to share with you, so this isn’t just a food blog or a travel blog, this is an INSPIRATION/LIFE  blog.

I would like for you to keep in mind that I am usually a private person, mostly because I have always felt like things that I do or have done didn’t mean a lot. However, on a daily basis I realize that things that I think are simple could actually inspire someone else or elements of my stories could help inspire someone else to be great.


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